Adspire who?

Adspire is a womxn-powered team driven to inspire and empower young womxn entering the advertising industry.

Creative Directors

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Ray Long


Rhea Rannie

&  the rest of the gang:

We do this through telling the stories of badass ad womxn leading the scene while creating opportunities for conversation and solidarity.

What's up with all the womxn?


Agencies are raising more and more womxn to their highest ranks, but we don't know their names. 

We don't know their advice, insight, experiences or know-how.

We don't know how they got there, who they knew there,

what they do there and why they're doing it.


But, hey, Adspire,

how do you know we don't know?


In 2018, we conducted research among female ad students across the U.S. and the results were painful.

We found that more than 50 percent of female advertising students have no ad womxn role models, and only 1/4 have ad womxn role models that are still in the industry.


When shown the names of the 10 most famous ad men and ad womxn,

84% recognized more ad men names than ad womxn, and almost 60% didn't recognize a single ad womxn's name.

They shared that they lacked confidence, female support (ahem, girl power) and strong womxn to look up to.


We heard them, we were them, and now Adspire is for them.


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